Which is the right collar for your dog?

Dog collars and straps are a ‘must have’ for your dog.

Not only is it an essential equipment in the process of training your dog, it is also used for identity, fashion, or other purposes. Identity tags and medical information are often placed on dog collars.

In addition, collars are also useful for controlling a dog manually especially used together with a leash, as they provide a handle for grabbing.

Nowadays, dog collars are available in various forms, dimensions and fashions, and style. Which one to choose depends upon your preference and your puppy’s behavior.

Here are some commonly used collars you can choose from:

1) The buckle collar: This is the typical dog collar. You can use any cloth to make up a buckle collar to have a variety of colors and designs. Your dog’s name may be stitched on top of the collar for identity purpose. Buckle collar is made up of a sequence of spaced holes, and the buckle is fixed firmly for the desired size.

2) Choke Collar: The choke collar is a length of metal-link chain with a large circular ring on either end. The chain is slid through one of these rings and it is slid over the dog’s head. When the dog displays an undesirable behavior the collar is tightened. This is primarily used in traditional dog training.

3) Prong Collar: The prong collar is made of metal links that fit together by connecting through long, usually blunt, teeth that point inward toward the dog’s neck. A section of this collar is made of a loop of chain links that tighten the collar when pulled, pinching the dog’s neck.

4) GPS Collar: The GPS collar basically tells you where your dog is when you have lost your pet and it is a better device as you can track on your own. Dogs are not prone to stay at a particular place and they move around when they hear a sound or sense something.

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28 Responses to Which is the right collar for your dog?

  1. Bing Tenebro says:

    show the pix of that collars please……….thank you!

  2. John says:


    I’m quite satisfied with all your tips for dog training. I myself implemented them on my pet & I also succeeded in few. Like these kind of tips it would be better if you give some pictures so that we could identify them at the shop and choose the better one.

    Thank you,


  3. Lata Murkot Ramunny says:

    Great info.
    Need info how to stop a BIG dog like Golden Retriever from pulling at the leash especially down the steps.
    I know he is excited to go for his walk-but that doesn’t help us small petit women!

  4. Satheesh Kannan G says:

    Very thanks for your tips regarding Dogs. My dog is suffering from skin deiase. How to cure? And she was not at all taking food.

    Your kind advice needed

  5. GV Rao says:

    How does this GPD collar cost?

  6. Ahmed says:

    No coments, Just hank U 4 these important information,
    It’s comlete, Perfect, very useful

  7. Selena says:

    I’m in Jamaica and just saying thank you for a world of info that you’ve offered me through your dog training tips. Today’s tips on choosing collars is particularly interesting as I’ve just gotten a new puppy and I need a new collar for him. I’ve introduced your website to a friend who also has a new puppy, an addition to the two she already has and I know she will totally enjoy your tips. Thanks again and keep the tips coming. Good work.

  8. efe says:

    These things are not readily available in Nigeria. So how do I order it and for how much?

  9. lerma aquino says:

    Thank you so much with these useful tips,it’s a great help for us new dog owners. More power and God Bless.

  10. Romawen T. Escobido says:

    Thank you for sending me a lot of tips for taking care of my dogs. I have a pit bull named “zymone” and he was a three yrs. old black singaporean pit bull. I was afraid because his skin is getting worse nowadays, I think my dog has a skin desease. How do I help him to stop scratching his body, he always doing that because of itchiness. I have also a 1 yr old basset hound girl named “munich”. She was a very cute little girl with a very charming eyes.

  11. samuel says:

    please am having problem with my dog is too friendly the breed is germanshephard
    one year old now.tell me or show me what to do so that it can be agreassive

    • Ifeanyi says:

      1. keep him away from strangers.
      2. If you have a fence compound, release him to keep watch at night.
      3. get an agitator and patiently train him to attack.

    • bala says:

      me too have the same problem, but experts say nothing to worry. things may change within six months.

  12. sahar alizadeh says:

    I have a very small young terrier around 4 years old, recently she has started to have moan all the time , as far as she has finished her period time about 2 mounths ago, is her moaing related to this subject? is she willing to be married? or there are other reasons?

  13. Sajjad Mahdi says:

    Thank you very much for the good tips that you are sending from time to time.
    I have tried some for training my two labradors now 10 and 9 months old.
    The one problem I would like u to shed light on is how to control his jumping behaviour. I have tried a lot of options but none seems to be working .
    Thanks once again for the material u send via email.

  14. bala says:

    Hi, thank u very much for your continuous efforts and valuable assistance in Dog training. In todays busy world, your efforts may go un-noticed by many. but I am sure that you will get the reward.

    with best wishes,


  15. admin says:

    Thanks for all your kind words, I will do my best despite my heavy work commitment. After all, we’re all fellow dog owners.

  16. Sushma B Rao says:

    Really a nice way to keep us all informed.
    My dog breed is Tibetian MAstiff. Oflate he only wants nonveg, so has stopped eating food, but drinks only milk sometimes. HE loves his chewy sticks on non-veg flavour. If we get strict & not give him only veg food, will it harm him?
    Need your advice on top priority.

  17. John says:

    Thank you very much for entertaining my request & giving me the clear picture of your tips……


  18. Anil Nagar says:

    My one year old Labrador is too friendly to strangers during day time because the nature of my job necessitate many people to visit my house. It shows some aggressive behaviour durind night when we allow him to roam in the closed campus. Please suggest measures to train him to remain not not so friendly to all visitors.

  19. Mickey says:

    Dear Kum Chee,

    My pug having skin problem since the day I bring her home.
    She is 6 years old nad the skin problem is on and off…after visiting vet, taking medicine, situation will be under control (looks like totally recovered) but comes back again months later.

    What should I do?
    Some said I should give her natural food — more vegetables than dog biscuits, but Vet comment the other way round.

    All dear dogs lovers, please tell me if you have tips for this

    Thanks for your great help

  20. chelangat says:

    thanks alot for your amazing dog tips it realy works.

  21. pranav salwaru says:

    I am having a problem with my dog he is too friendly with the strengers the breed is labrador
    four year old now.tell me or show me what to do so that it can be agreassive.or he cannot be a good watchdog.or can he be trained now at this age.

  22. Navin says:

    I have a German shepeard male. It is almost 3 years old. I want to cross it. help me I don’t know anything about breading. plz help me.

  23. ragini says:

    my dog is a black lab and it is not eating anything and it is shadwing to brown colour and it is very thin how to make it a fatty dog and how to train it

  24. Juergen Volbracht says:

    Theses Collars (Choke Collar and Prong Collar) look like devices out of an midevil torture chamber. I would never put one of those things on my beloved dogs.
    If I can’t train my dogs with love and positive encouragement than I rather leave them alone.

  25. mocca says:

    hi thanks for the tips.
    hope i can receive more tips follows.

  26. Venu Gopal says:

    Thank you for information published. Regarding various types of collars, I am totally against using “Prong Collar”. Any dog is our companion and we are keeping a dog as a pet. So please do not hurt our pet. After all it is an animal and it is against the ethics of training using harsh methodology. I request any dog lovers not to use “prong collar” at all.

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