Pavlov and your dog – Part 1

Have you heard of Ivan Pavlov?

Here’s Ivan Pavlov’s famous “conditioned response” experiment:

Pavlov is a Russian scientist who conditioned dogs to initiate a salivary response to the sound of a bell. He measured the amount of salivation in response to only food. He continued by ringing a bell as he gave the food.

Once again, he detected a salivary response. At last, by just ringing the bell, he observed the same response as having presented food to the dogs – salivation. These experiments defined what has been a “conditioned response”.

It is this same principle that makes our our mouths water when we smell food :-)

So, how do Pavlov’s findings got to do with training your dog?

It is also this same principle that the clicker method is based upon… (see Part 2, the next article which will soon be posted, so please stay tuned).

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12 Responses to Pavlov and your dog – Part 1

  1. ashvin patel says:

    my tyson is of 12 month old i want to give him obidience traing labrador has any book of cd so i can teach him accordingly.
    kindly adivise me

  2. jose says:

    yes thank you very much for your dog training tips,i you will continue this article.

  3. Ihuoma says:

    thanks. please continue the article.

  4. GV Rao says:

    Continue please, awaiting for same…

  5. AR Giridharan says:

    please continue ur good work

  6. Corabel Diel says:

    Thanks a LOT! I do appreciate your email. Yes, I will do that to my dog.

  7. sid says:

    thank you. waiting for the next part….

  8. Lucky E says:

    Thanks for the little I have goten. looking forward for the part two as promised befor you went for your dinner

  9. espie says:


    you are great !please continue your advocacy about dogs we are here to listen

    thank you very much

  10. RISHITA says:

    my dog is 9 months old and he keeps tearing, breaking and spoiling things and sometimes tries to bite me so how should i teach him not to do this?

  11. malik says:

    thanks alot . u r really helpful to all the dog lovers . kindly advise me 4 my doberman , he eat his shit thanks

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